Defamation Leading to Termination

Defamation Leading to Termination in Orange County

Defamation is a legal term that means harm has come to your reputation by false statements made by another. Defamation is called "slander" if verbally stated or "libel" if in writing or in print. If that harm has resulted in the termination of your employment, an Orange County wrongful termination lawyer should be consulted.

What is employment related defamation that leads to termination?
Employment related termination can arise either if you were terminated by your then current employer, or if you were not hired by a prospective employer due to your previous employer’s comments about you.

For example, if a current employer defames you in order to create an excuse to fire you, you may have a cause of action. However, it is important to distinguish between what the statement actually says. An opinion is different than a statement of fact.

The statement, “Bob is a bad worker” is far different than “Bob stole money from the company.” Opinion cannot be considered defamation, while a factual statement may be.

If a former or current employer makes false statements about you to a prospective employer or perhaps an employment agency, that also may be grounds for a lawsuit.

What can I do if I suspect I have been defamed which led to my termination?
Your first step should be to contact an experienced Orange County wrongful termination lawyer. There are at least two issues to consider.

You may have damages specific to the alleged defamation. In addition, if that defamation led to your termination, you may have a wrongful termination claim. Each claim is separate and distinct, but may be linked by the facts of your individual case.

The harm you may have experienced due to defamation cannot be minimized. It not only affects your career, it impacts you personally.

Contact an experienced Orange County wrongful termination lawyer today for a free consultation.