Consumer Fraud: An Overview

Consumer Fraud: An Overview

In today’s fast-paced economy, consumer fraud is an increasingly common injury inflicted on millions of unsuspecting victims nationwide. In its most benign form, consumer fraud can be harmless. But at the other extreme, it can result in serious financial losses and even bankruptcy for victims. If you or your business has been a victim of consumer fraud, the Daily Aljian LLP can protect your legal rights.

What is Consumer Fraud?
Consumer fraud is a broad term used to describe any intentionally deceptive act, statement, or practice that harms consumers. Victims of consumer fraud may pursue both civil and criminal penalties against the perpetrators. A consumer fraud complaint may be made at the federal, state or local level depending upon the nature of the offense committed.

Consumer fraud can be accomplished in various ways. Auto fraud, insurance fraud, false and misleading advertising, undue debt collection, deceiving internet practices, and defective products sales are just a few examples of consumer fraud.

Common Sectors Target by Consumer Fraud
No industry is immune from consumer fraud. In fact in many cases, businesses are started with the specific intention to defraud unsuspecting consumers out of their funds. Most consumer fraud complaints are made with respect to the following industries or businesses:

  • Insurance: Consumer complaints in the insurance sector usually involved illegitimate practices such as redlining, use of deceiving marketing, and negations by insurance companies at the time of paying claims.
  • Banking: Consumer complaints with regards to banks usually involve obligation of NSF (Non Sufficient funds) and other fees.
  • Consumer Credit Counseling: The majority of credit counseling complaints affect the credit counseling company’s exploitation of consumer accounts.
  • Internet: Internet scams or any crimes such as identity theft is rising up to hundreds of thousands of Internet consumer protection protest.

We Can Help
If you find yourself a victim of consumer fraud, you need an experienced consumer rights attorney to assist you in obtaining the legal relief to which you are entitled. For additional information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact the attorneys at the Firm at (949) 861-2524 for effective representation.