Get Advice About Testifying From Your Employment Attorney in Irvine

employment attorney in Irvine

No matter how justified your discrimination lawsuit might be, at some point you’ll be called upon to testify. Your first opportunity will come when you provide a deposition with the help of your employment attorney in Irvine. Before the scheduled testimony, you’ll be able to review the typical questions and answers with your lawyer. Your employment lawyer in Irvine will make sure you’re fully prepared.

Practice Sessions

The more you practice your deposition with your employment lawyer in Irvine, the more comfortable you’ll be during the actual testimony. Your employment lawyer in Irvine might even video tape the sessions for your review. Your body language is important during these hearings. As your employment attorney in Irvine will advise, you should always directly look at the questioner, wait for them to finish the question and then provide a clear answer. In other words, don’t fidget and don’t “jump the gun.”

An experienced employment attorney in Irvine will remind their clients that everyone providing a deposition is nervous at the start. However, once they settle into the routine, they will calm down and focus on the questions. The key point to remember is that this first deposition isn’t an interrogation. You just need to honestly tell what happened to you.

Sizing You Up

As your employment attorney in Irvine will inform you, the depositions aren’t just to get your side of the story on the record. This is the first chance the defendant’s legal team will have to see you in action. If you present a strong and detailed deposition, then they could be leery of taking you before a jury. This could open up the negotiation process between your employment attorney in Irvine and the defense, and that will be welcome news.

Working With a Qualified Employment Attorney in Irvine

The reason you retain the services of a qualified employment attorney in Irvine is for them to handle all the details of your case. You’ll be in good hands with the attorneys working with Daily Aljian, LLP. They’ll bring their years of experience right to your case. Call today at 949-861-2524 to set up a consultation.

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